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IncidentMonitor News May
Our latest release version 9.7.40 is out for a month or two now and we are happy to see many clients upgrade and start using the latest features. In this news letter we highlight one of the features which is a little less known: the option to send out a mass emailing to groups of users (great for notifying of upgrades, outages etc..). IncidentMonitor News May

Service Level Management news
IncidentMonitor News December
We've been working as diligently as santa's elves since our last news letter. A new release of IncidentMonitor - Version 9.7.40 is going to be ready in early January 2019. There are some great new enhancements enabling you to define your own request layouts, simplify your service level rules and evaluate on percentages, an ever advancing UI and our V1 of Service Desk BI. IncidentMonitor News December

Service Level Management news
IncidentMonitor News August
Check out the busy month we've had. A new release of IncidentMonitor - Version 9.7.35. New Support Video Information and New Flexible Licenses and news about What's Coming! It's all in our August News. IncidentMonitor News August

Service Level Management
IncidentMonitor In Azure - Why we chose to run our ITSM Software in Azure
We recently decided to move our corporate SaaS IncidentMonitor environment to Microsoft’s Azure platform. In doing so we thought it may prove beneficial to others to recount our experience moving IncidentMonitor to Azure. Although we moved a large number of VMs to Azure the process is the same for a single client, just repeated many times. IncidentMonitor ITSM in Azure

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Service Policies are the key to Consistent/Repeatable Results
We're moving faster nowadays and noone hsas the time nor luxury of slowing down. Our Service Desk should contain all of the policies so our Service Desk can operate at "light-speed". Policy Based Service Management

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All The Different Channels - How do we Manage?
With the advent of multi-channel service offerings the aggregation and correlation of all that data should not impact our service offering but enhance it and open up new opportunities for our clients. All The Different Channels - How do we Manage?

Incident Management
What's the most logical ITSM/ITIL process to implement first?
Over the years we've been asked many times where to start with a new ITIL/ITSM implementation. It's surprising to hear how many organizations are misdirected and/or misled by vendors and resellers. Start simple, have an immediate impact to your end user community. Refine, evolve and engage. Don't start with most complicated process!!! What is the most logical proess to start with?

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AI/Machine Learning in the Service Management Space
AI/Machine Learning is all the "buzz" in the media and some vendors in the ITSM space are starting to indicate that it's our next silver bullet. We've all heard that before. Is it really a silver bullet or is it more shallow vendor promises. What is AI/Machine Learning in the Service Management Vertical

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IncidentMonitor 9.7.3 out NOW!
We continued evolving our user interfaceUI to enhance functionality and use. 9.7.3 is easier to read and navigate and the icons are very contextual. We have organized a webinar on December 7th at 10 AM ET and 1PM ET. We will show all the new features and the updated look and feel in a 30 minute webinar. Contact our team if you want to join the webinar or get access to the recording of the webinar. IncidentMonitor 9.7.3 release

IncidentMonitor RMA - Why vendors need an automated product return software solution
A well defined return policy supported by a good tool can save a company a lot of money. But most of all a bad return policy can kill a companies good image. It is often easy to buy, but is it also easy to return? This article helps you to define the right approach and explain why a good return policy is important.

Why RMA software is important.
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IncidentMonitor 9.7 Info
With the release of IncidentMonitor™ 9.7 we have improved the user experience with update preview windows and many new features. New form type, asset search, asset scheduling (loaners, meeting rooms, etc), overview graphing, unlimited portals, and many more
IncidentMonitor 9.7 release

Smart usage of service desk software by small and medium size (SMB) organization.
In this blog post we introduce some ideas how to profit from Service Desk software for small and medium size businesses. Service Desk software is not something which only large organizations can profit from. Monitor 24-7's focus is to deliver enterprise service desk software to any size organization. We believe that software should not only be easy to use and even more easy to maintain. It should also be low cost. Everyone should be able to afford a great service desk software.

7 ideas for SMB companies to profit from service desk software.
How to define a good working SLA for your service desk software
A SLA, Service Level Agreement, is a mechanism to manage customer expectations. The term agreement is often used in contract form, where the organization describes its services for the client. This article helps you to define a service level agreement that works. For your company, your customer and last but not least for you software and the team working with it.

SLA software is key to success
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Service Desk Software Request Classification Setup
Classifying an incoming request is key to the performance of the service desk. A wrongly categorized incident for example will show up in reporting in wrong statistics. Also if specific SLA’s are set up for specific classification the service desk can look good, but in real time can perform below required service levels. Or the other way around, you can look bad but actually are performing really good.
How can you set up a classification in your service desk software that works
ITIL Workflow and Service Catalogue Form Designer
IncidentMonitor Service Desk Software offers a workflow designer which helps you to create the most advanced process flows within a few clicks. Combine this Graphical designer with our Graphical Service Catalogue Form Designer and you get the most advanced and flexible solution.